It’s the Weekend. Weekend Recap, Anyway.

Getting back to work this week is almost a nice break (almost), we had an extremely busy and fun weekend. Friday night kicked it off with happy hour at Public House. It is clear by the crowd there that work neighborhood is long overdue for a spot like this. They have a great beer list and a menu with descriptions of each. The wait staff was very knowledgeable too, which is impressive as it has only been open a few weeks. While the food menu looks great we didn’t order anything too exciting, though we all agreed that the fries with dipping sauce were the bomb. The fries can definitely stand on there own but the dipping sauces were delicious addition. We got a spicy jalapeno aioli, blue cheese, and cheddar ale that tasted like bacon.
The best find on the menu was the Banana Bread Beer! My friend told me about this awhile back knowing I would love it. I am glad I finally found it. They are not lying when they say it literally taste like banana bread. It does! If your looking for a breakfast beer, this is the one to choose.
Banana bread beer.
Public House got very crowded after work hours so we didn’t stick it out too long. The only negative, bathroom attendant! And she was not very friendly either, unless yelling at people is your idea of a good time.
Saturday we hit the 3 pm performance of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? at Steppenwolf. Wow, what an amazing show. I am glad I had read the play in advance, it was pretty intense. The play ran over 3 hours with intermissions and the actors looked exhausted when they walked off stage. Hard to imagine they had to give another performance about an hour later, it has to be a very draining show to do twice in one day. The male lead was fantastic, this was the first show we have seen him in. I am still bummed we missed Detroit but I am hopeful it will come back now that it went to Broadway. We had dinner at Red Light, it was good but I don’t think we’ll be back.
Sunday we took the kids to Legoland for Star Wars Days. The four year-old is a huge fan! We got there early and the line was already around the block. Brrr, we were not really prepared to be sitting out in the cold. To Legolands credit, they provided hand warmers for everyone, had people dressed as the Star Wars characters, and were doing trivia contests for the kids.
Once inside they had a lot of other characters walking around too and some life size figured made of Legos. It was pretty busy inside so we stuck to the Star Wars themed stuff. They did a nice job of incorporating Star Wars into the Chicago mini land hey have. Apparently the Clone Troopers are not fans of the CTA.
The kids loved it and it wore them out, they both ended up sleeping on the way home. We finished off the weekend with a lazy Sunday afternoon watching a movie. I never did get out to run, just wasn’t feeling it. Pretty lazy on the exercise front in general this weekend. Sometime it is just needed to feel re-energized.
I did not do any cooking. The oven reeks every time we heated it. I don’t even want to know what it is that I smell, it is nothing inside because I just cleaned it. We will be tackling that tonight. Oh joy! Luckily the husband made a big batch of Guinness Beef Stew to enjoy for Sunday dinner.
Snowmageddon is apparently on it’s way to Chicago. I mean can you imagine, snow in Chicago in the Winter? They are predicating much death and destruction. Or maybe an inch of snow, either way. Lucky for me I have the day scheduled for vacation anyway. My daughter is getting braces made of gold, or at least that is what the price would lead me to believe. At the dentist suggestion I will be giving her gummy bears, Swedish fish and soda tonight in preparation for the years ahead when they will be forbidden. If you have to hit the road tomorrow, stay safe!


  1. Biz says:

    you had me at jalapeno aioli! 😀 I got an email from Chobani saying to expect your yogurt today, but with our weather, not sure that will happen – just wanted to give you a heads up! 😀

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