Swinging into Spring

We are “this” close to a green yard and the season of swingsets.
the yard
OK, not quite but at least the temperatures have been warm enough to get the kids outside. My daughter has been so excited to swing on the swing set last night. Though our swingset has no functioning swings these days. We are debating if we should fix the swings or ditch them and just move the fort portion of the set out of the center of the yard to the south fence line. The youngest has never had interest in the swings and my daughter will likely not be too interested in the swings for long seeing we are headed to her Junior High orientation tonight! 
Oh I can’t wait to see that green grass again, the ugly muddy snow is such a icky start to the day.  Check back for a giveaway from CSN Stores that will give someone a chance to buy a treat to make spring a bit sweeter.