Oscar Loser

It is Oscar night and sadly I am way behind on my current movies. The only movies nominate for Best Picture that I have see is Toy Story 3 and Social Network (I just watched that one last night). I have had the Winter’s Bones DVD sitting on my TV to watch for about three weeks now. I’ve been curious to see Social Network to see what made it Oscar worthy. I have to say I have a better opinion of Zuckerberg now that I have seen it, Jesse Eisnberg did do a great job with the role. I can’t contribute much to predict tonight’s winners, though I have been watching a lot more movies than normal in the past couple of weeks.

Now that my Roku makes it easier to browse and find movies available on NetFlix streaming I have been watching movies that likely would not have been on my radar and more of them. Most have been in the documentary category, one lead to another which lead to another.

The Parking Lot Movie takes place in a small parking lot in Charlottesville, VA. It is an interesting peak at their subculture with unexpected lesson in human nature and how people are judged by the work they do.

Exit Through the Gift Shop, actually this one is also up for an Oscar tonight in the Documentary category. The eccentric “filmmaker” follows street artists with a goal of getting Banksy on film. He eventually joins the rank of his subjects and the movie exposes lousy film making skills.

We live in Public documents the life Josh Harris, a dot com entrepreneur. I had not heard of him or his crazy experiments previously. Definitely a man who is too smart for his own good and way ahead of his time.

Life after Tomorrow is about life after being in the Broadway show Annie. The show includes interview retelling the experiences of being in Annie and how it affected them then and now. When I read about this movie I knew I had to see it, I still remember getting Andrea McArdle’s autograph. I think it was at the St. Pat’s Parade in Chicago.

Fat Head is the rebuttal to debunk Super Size Me, interesting stuff. Worth watching if you enjoyed Super Size Me or Food, Inc. etc.

Men Who Stare at Goats was a break from the documentary category. Actually this on been in our queue for a long time. I had no clue what it was about so kept overlooking it. Once we finally watched it I thought it was great, who knew it was a comedy! Actually, the funniest part about the story is all the TRUTH in it.

Last but not least, Linewatch. Horrible! The husband picked it, as he was a Border Patrol agent way back when.

I will likely skip the Oscars tonight and hit the books instead, I am getting just us behind on those this month.


  1. jilly says:

    We watched the Oscars. First year that we had only seen about half of the movies, but most of my predictions won. We loved The Kings Speech, so I was happy that won. Don't you love the Roku? I would be absolutely lost without ours. Did you buy a box or are you streaming through your Wii? We saw quite a few that you have watched recently. Men that Stare at Goats though I thought was stupid. We called it Women who Stare at

  2. Jacky Hackett says:

    Yes, that would be a good alternative title for it. We have Roku, a colleague was moving overseas so I got hers. I honestly could likely live without cable at this point.

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