Puppy Love

The weather here is improving, and when the temps are warmer I tend to get off the train at a different stop and taking the longer walk home. This route takes me past the animal shelter that is around the corner from our house and they just so happened to have three cute puppies playing in the playroom. I got the kids and husband and brought them back so they could see the puppies. Through the window. Then we’d go home. Yea, not so much, meet our new puppy.


The puppies had already been brought into their kennel’s so we ended up going in and seeing them. And one thing led to another and we put a puppy on hold. Not a completely unexpected decision, we have been talking about but figured we’d get one after our vacation in August. So we changed up our plans, we couldn’t say no to this face.


Her name is Maizy and she has been a good pup so far, let’s hope it continues.


  1. Biz says:

    I love the name Maizy! Actually, my husband calls me Bazey sometimes, so maybe that's why I like it!

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