Field Trip

Not only did my March race sneak up on me, but I missed the most convenient packet pickup date and time by a week.  Saturday I had to drive into the city to get my bib and timing device and the kids joined me.  We stopped on the way home to give Black Dog Gelato a try. I have professed my love of gelato before and all I can say about this place is holy delicious!

The owner, Jessica Oloroso, was so incredibly welcoming and friendly.  She even took the time to answer my daughter’s questions about the difference between gelato and ice cream.  Simply put gelato has less fat, less air, less cold.  Must say I learned a few new things myself because I thought gelato had more cream in it.  Bringing the kids worked to my advantage since we shared all of our orders.  We shared…

goat cheese cashew caramel
Three Floyds milk stout
apple pie
chocolate oreo mint
Mexican hot chocolate
malted vanilla

Enjoying Gelato

Busy eating, while I pay.

I also sampled a few others, coconut rum and a blood orange sorbet.  The owner is all about you giving all the flavors a taste.  The salted peanut wasn’t made yet so I will have to try that next visit.

The goat cheese one was rich so it was good that I got two flavors in my small portion.  It went well with the Three Floyds milk stout flavor.  The goat cheese one was the the unanimous favorite of all the flavors we had.  I am glad this isn’t too far from our house because I can wait to take more field trips to try the ever changing selection of flavors.


Three Floyds Milk Stout & Goat Cheese Cashew Caramel


  1. Biz says:

    Jacky, did you know Jessie is my sisters niece on her husband’s side – she actually worked with Stephanie Izard of the Drunken Goat before Stephanie was on Top Chef – I still haven’t been yet – I would be all over the goat cheese too! 😀

  2. Jilly says:

    Oh my goodness, that looks incredible! Now I am craving it! We are going for sushi tonight, I just may have to swing by and get some tonight! We don’t have a place (that I know of yet) with flavors like that!

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