{Check it Out} Dublin, Cookbook, Bacon

I am happy to be home from a busy work week in Dublin.  I am still re-acclimating to my time zone but have a few things worth checking out.

First off you can check out just a few pictures I took on my trip, still have a lot more to post.

Before I left for my trip we got our new kitchen artwork hung.  It looks great in out kitchen.

I have had my eye on this cookbook, Super Natural Every Day, it is is finally available.

This cookbook, The One-Block Feast, looks great too.  I will be checking them out for some new vegetable recipes. to make the most of my CSAs.

Margarita’s are my favorite check out this video showing on making a classic margarita.  I love to swap the lime juice for other combos of juices to mix it up; pomegranate and grapefruit are favorites.

Check out how I get to spend my first day back, Baconfest baby!!

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