{Check it Out} Daytime TV, Spring Beer, Food Trucks

Random reading, a few things that caught my eye this week…

Soaps have been replaced with food on daytime TV!  Check out the new shows, “The Chew” and “Revolution”.  Bummer for the soap fans, but I am excited about these shows.

I would think the schools would encourage educating parents and children on eating better instead. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  Instead they have chosen to ban lunches from home.

We eat a ton of Greek yogurt in our house; I love this DIY version of Greek yogurt. Going to give it a go this weekend.

It is almost BBQ weather, Check out this list of beers for spring cookouts.

I got a new iPad this week and even though I have yet to really use it I totally see the advantage of this accessory to use as a movie player in the car.

I am still planning out my garden, the new puppy complicates matters since I KNOW she will be digging in it.  Check out these cute homemade plant markers.  Ha, like I have time to even consider tackling that project.

Exciting Chicago food truck news, Big Star is looking to join the action.  Oh and check out the 1st Chicago food truck summit next week.