Look Ma, no ketchup!

Glass ceiling

Waiting for Dad to get the keys out of locked car.

We finally took the four year-old to see Sue the dinosaur.  He has been asking forever.  He loved it, though I think he preferred the mummies.  It was a tiring day, that Field Museum is a like a fun house.  Once you start down one path there is no existing until the end.  And holy crap there are a lot of varieties of birds.  We were all tired and hungry by the end of the day.

We ended the day with hot dogs from the hot dog cart.  One of the few I know of.  I love in TV shows and movies that take place in Chicago they always have hot dog carts in the background like they are on every corner in the Loop.  hardly the point, the point being the vendor sign shamed me into ordering mine Chicago Style minus the relish.  To our surprise, my daughter agreed to the same, her’s was minus the sport peppers too.  She loved it.  Score one for good parenting I have saved her from a lifetime of ridicule for ordering  ketchup on her hot dog.  I should know, I even put ketchup on my Italian sausage AND brat.   Though I may be turning over a new leaf, I kinda liked mine too.  And in an effort to eat less ketchup last summer I did try to use fresh cut tomatoes as a substitute.  The four year-old we will have to work on, he went with ketchup only.

We had two zonked kids in the back seat on the way home, I’d call that a successful day!