{Check it Out} Recipes, Recipes, Recipes!

I ran across a lot of recipes this week that I want to try. Like these zucchini toasts, shaved asparagus pizza , leek toasts with blue cheese .  I sense an outdoor cocktail evening coming on!

I love coconut milk and poaching is a great hot weather way to cook fish, check out this recipe.

These mini pretzel ice cream sandwiches would be the perfect end to any meal.

I found a book to add to my reading list. The title caught my eye, the story line looks intriguing.

I am intrigued to follow along with Meatyballs Mobile Phillip Foss’s next project.

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3 Responses

  1. Jilly says:

    Num and the book looks excellent!

  2. Great recipe finds! I am so going to make those nutella/pretzel ice cream sammies!

  3. Biz says:

    I made the shaved asparagus pizza – OMG, so amazing and good – I tweaked her recipe so that 1/2 of a 14 inch thin crust was only 12 points – yum!


    So glad the rain finally ended!

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