Dog Days of Summer

We are in the midst of the dog days here in Chicago.  It is HOT HOT HOT!  Even the dog wants no part of it.

watch dog
Been trying to keep cool as best we can, actually our house has not been too bad considering we only have a few a/c units in the house.  With the kids away this week we’ve been able to see a few movies and take advantage of their a/c.  Super 8 was a great movie, I highly recommend seeing it the theater.  It has such a nostalgic feel to it, like seeing E.T. or Star Wars for the first time.  Ya know when summer was the season of movies, we would go to the $1 theater in town and see a few movies a week.  Even if it meant seeing the same movie numerous times.  We also saw Horrible Bosses.  It was very funny, crude at times but full of laughs (including during the during the credits).  Lots of celebs in the cast including a few of my favorites Jason Bateman and Kevin Spacey.  Colin Farrell was unrecognizable.  Good stuff.

Anyway, I have to say I am looking forward to when the Dog Days ARE Over!  Been totally enjoying this song again since Vicci performed it on The Voice.  I was totally rooting for her.  Tonight we have an outdoor event with a heat index predicted at 110° so I am looking forward to a few cool ones with friends afterward!

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  1. Biz says:

    Yep, I didn’t even recognize Colin Farrell was the bosses son until the credits!

    Keep cool tonight Jacky – I didn’t exercise again at lunch today – I think I’ll have to hit the gym tonight.

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