{Check It Out} Back to School

Next week is back to school week. I swear every summer feels shorter and shorter. We never get to everything on our list before the back to school rush begins. No choice but to dive right in I guess. This year we will be dealing with a new school and a new routine. My daughter has already decided she is over the hot lunches and I am fine with that since she makes most of her own lunches.

I can blame her for opting out of the school lunches.  Look at how they compare to other lunches around the world.

We are always looking for new lunches to pack, I love these healthy lunch options.

I especially love these sushi roll sandwiches.

These sandwich wrappers are a cute too.  Now if only I could find a printer that did not break after 3 months.

Check out the new lunch box we got her (at Old Navy). Keeps the sandwich separate and has compartments for two other items.  Yea to no more plastic baggies.

These chocolate zucchini muffins will be perfect for one compartment.

Here are some other lunch boxes to check out.

Oh and you checked out Pinterest yet?  It is a virtual cork board to save recipes, photos, ideas, etc…  It is a great place to bookmark lunch ideas to try.

Now, to find a good thermos, she really wants a thermos.



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  1. Biz says:

    I can’t believe school starts next week too! Hannah always took a hard salami sandwich on white bread for years. I finally talked her into going to Whole Foods and we tried an array of different lunch meats, which she declared all were delicious. When I asked her what lunch meat she wanted – she said “hard salami please!”

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