Fat Tuesday {Gumbo}

Yep, a week late. Actually Tuesday nights I am at my workout so we celebrated Fat Tuesday over the weekend.  On the menu, Prosecco hurricanes, crunchy baked shrimp, a cheese tray with my favorite stinky cheese (it’s good to have friends in cheesy places that know what you like), and finally sausage and chicken gumbo.  I leave the gumbo cooking to my husband, I stuck to the cocktails and appetizers.

Gumbo Dinner

Oh, I did help stir the roux, it take about 30 minutes so tag team stirring is helpful.  I love the nuttiness of the roux, it is worth all the effort.  This is the  gumbo recipe he prefers though to him it is merely a guideline.  This version had a light roux, low heat, smoked sausage, and chicken so tender it was like butta.  No two gumbos are ever the same in our house.

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  1. Biz says:

    That looks so good Jacky!! Our pasta sauces are never the same – depends on the tomatoes – sometimes I need to add carrots, or more tomato paste. Tony is actually making his pasta sauce today for dinner tonight so I can go to the gym after work! 😀

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