We now return you to your regularly scheduled spring.

I am so happy the temperatures are back in the 60’s where they belong.  The weather the past couple of weeks was ridiculous and it was really not helpful for my already lacking motivation or my mood. First of all this winter body is not ready for summer clothes in March.  That is if I could even find my summer clothes.  What the hell did I do with all my shorts?  I certainly hope I did not get rid of them as some sort of rah-rah motivation to lose weight.  That would be tragic.   At any rate I hope they turn up soon, and I hope they fit.

Sitting outside trying to enjoy the weather didn’t help.  Not at all relaxing since I am surrounded by all the shit I have to do.  Literally and figuratively.  Our dog is digger which adds to the mess of our yard, the swing set that is on the verge of collapse sits center stage to remind us we need to decide it we fix it or ditch it.  So much yard work to do! On the plus side the house is already out and ready for use.  Procrastination pays off.

The past few weeks I have only been doing my two-day a week workout schedule.  Which is totally lame, but things have been busy and other priorities won out.  I decided to throw in a few extra days this week with yoga and a run.  Oh brother did I underestimated the heat!  I got five miles done, but it sure was not pretty.  My fingers immediately turned into sausage fingers, I wasn’t hydrated enough, and just sluggish overall.  One minute slower per mile on average.

I am bummed to not be running the Shamrock Shuffle his weekend.  We were supposed to be out of town so I never signed up.  And of course the shirts are super cute this year.  I haven’t done a race yet this year so I am living vicariously through others.  Like Jennifer at Slim Shoppin‘ who training for a half marathon.  She did 12 miles this weekend so is well on her way!  Her husband is running the full marathon and they are raising money in honor of her mother in law.  Check out her fundraising page and help her out if you can.  The weather has been all over the map for their training.

So yea, the unseasonably warm weather was making my grumpy.  But it’s not all complaining, a few things besides the weather are flipping my moon.  Like the fact that after 15 years in our house we finally broke down and got air conditioning installed.  Oh it’s a wonderful thing, especially when the temperatures are near 90 in mid March.

Happy news on my 3 month fitness assessment.  I almost opted out of it since I had a bad few weeks, I am glad I didn’t.  While the scale didn’t budge I am still losing inches.  Yea me.  And I improved on all the strength tests.  These tests always remind of the presidential tests we took in gym class.  It included a timed mile run, the goal was always to try to break 6 minutes.  I think I did it once.

The Hunger Games coming to theaters did wonders for my mood too.  It was so good! Oh my gosh I can not wait for the next movie.   The best mood boosting news is that i ma off of work until Thursday.  Yippee!

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  1. Jilly says:

    Happy happy news! Good for you!!! I am not ready for summer yet either, but I am loving this weather! There are many more months and many more races yet this year!

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