Weekend Work {Beer Marshmallows}

This was the weekend to finally conquer the homemade marshmallows.  But not just any marshmallows…

Beer marshmallows.  They are surprisingly easy to make, but require full concentration from start to finish.  I had the day to myself, guaranteed no interruptions.

beer marshmallow

We are going camping in a week so the timing was just right.

beer marshmallow

These will make delicious s’mores.

beer marshmallows

I did dip a few in melted chocolate and crushed pretzels.  Though I would recommend you do this only if you are serving them soon, the pretzels got soft after I stored them in an air tight container.

beer marshmallows

The clean-up wasn’t as bad as I expected either.

beer marshmallow

Here is the recipe for the marshmallows, and be sure to check out this bourbon version used for bourbon marshmallow S’mores with bacon.  ZOMG!


  1. Biz says:

    I love making homemade marshmallows – never thought to add alcohol to them – winning!

    Have an awesome time on vacation!!

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