Catching Up

Ya know how you get so busy and things pile up a mile huh that not starting is easier than figuring out where to start.  And then problem compounds.  That is where I am these days on all fronts.  Finally diving back in…

Meal planning and family dinners have taken a back seat to my running schedule now that the mileage is getting higher.  Oh speaking of mileage, when I mentioned I had 170 more miles left in training, Biz took that on as a personal challenge.  I love her post start with donuts and ends with the 170 mile challenge.  That is what I call well balance living!

Anyway, my husband has taken over on most of the dinner front and he never fails to make something tasty.

lamb Shepards Pie topped with squash

Perfect example, Shepard’s pie topped with roasted squash.  Chunks of lamb, vegetables, and a rich sauce, topped with smashed roasted squash. So nice to come home to  delicious home cooked meal when you aren’t expecting one.  Thank goodness someone is picking up my slack.

The day I saw this recipe, I immediately bookmarked it, blueberry lemon dutch baby.  A nice light dessert.  Best eaten right away but not too bad the next morning with your coffee.

blueberry lemon dutch baby

We went to a tailgate at my husband’s Alma mater.  Fun stuff!  I made something I though the kids would enjoy, cake batter puppy chow.  The recipe was great, but a fail on two counts.  One, the bag broke open when I was shaking the cereal with powdered sugar.  Not a pretty result in the kitchen.  Then, it quickly started to taste stale.  Not a good make ahead snack, but delicious if you enjoy it right away.

Something that was a success at the tailgate was the pressed Italian sandwiches.  Italian meats, provolone, pesto, fresh basil, and tomatoes stewed in oil.  Cover cherry tomatoes with olive oil, add salt, pepper, fresh basil, fresh parsley, garlic and cook until soft.  Great addition to one of my favorite sandwiches, especially since you make it the night before.

Italian pressed sandwich

Some other random crap…

pumpkin beer and bread

That beer cocktail, the cocky rooster.  Beer + sriracha = yum!  Oh, and yes that pizza does have nacho cheese and crushed Doritos on it.  EPIC taco pizza.

Phew, good to get this all of my plate and accomplishing something I want to instead of something I have to.

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  1. jillyinmn says:

    That sandwich looks absolutely fantastic! I am adding the Pumpkin Shepards Pie to my meal plan for next week, can’t wait to try it, thanks you darling hubby for the inspiration. Good luck adding the mileage, wish I was going to cheer you on. I may send a substitute or two 🙂 I will have to look out for the pumpkin spice swirl bread. I was bummed I missed out on the Pumpkin Spiced Chai and Pumpkin Granola bars at Trader Joe’s. Did you get your pumpkin salsa? I have been keeping my eyes peeled here but no such luck yet.

  2. biz319 says:

    Woop! Thanks for the shout out Jacky! Knocked off 10 miles the last two days, have 109 miles to go – no problem! 😀

    Holy shizz – sriracha in beer? I am going to have to try that! After you recover from the marathon, I’ll have to come over to your house for a pizza party! I’ll make my deep dish pizza, mkay?! 😀

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