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So the New York marathon thing didn’t work out, but hey that is just a minor footnote in the big picture of the hurricane Sandy story.  Much more important stories to focus on.  A gentle reminder that no matter how much you plan, in the end it is out of your control.  Luckily in my case, it was just race logistics and nothing compared to what others are dealing with.

veterans marathon 2012

On to plan B. The options for an alternative marathon were pretty limited this time of year, especially when I did not want to travel.  I found the Veterans Marathon in Indiana just a few hours drive from me.  I decided to sign up and head there to spend all the training I had banked.  It is small marathon, less than 300 people (a far cry from the 40,000+ scheduled to run NYC) — this year’s numbers were up with a good number of other NYC displaced runners.  They donated a portion of the entry fee for any runner registering that had a NYC bib.  At the end of the race I chatted with a women who had flown into NYC from Australia for the marathon, her and a friend made the trip to Indiana to get a race in during their trip to the States.

veterans marathon 2012

The weather was perfect, high 50’s, overcast, though the sun did come out for a good part of the run, and no humidity.  The start was an easy setup, they even walked around and collected our gear so that we could pick it up at the end.  The race started with the shot of the cannon and a fly by of antique aircraft.  Very cool!

veterans marathon view

The elevation changes and total climb on this course is coincidentally enough just about the same to the NYC course.  The first half of the course wasn’t too hilly, I felt good and actually ran my fastest half-marathon time in about 10 years.  There was also a half-marathon, so the halfway point was the finish line for that race.  I was a bit envious of all the runners that were done with their runs.  The number of runners were cut in about half at this point. I was basically out there running by myself, the closest runners were about 100 yards in either direction.  Just me and the corn fields, the only spectators were the volunteers at the aid stations.  The course got crazy windy, and the hills inclines got more often and longer.  It was tough, I had to walk up a number of them.  I also stopped a few times to take pictures. Along the back half of the course was a little boy dressed in his boy scout uniform waving a large American flag.  He was the only person around, he looked just like the boy in the movie Up, too cute.

veterans marathon finish

I was so happy to finish, even if it was a slower finish than I had hoped.  So glad to have it all DONE! Oh, and fresh banana bread at the finish line, genius.  It was a bummer being there by myself and to have no one to greet me at the finish (though my name and town being announced as I finished was fun), but it was also fitting.  While I had a lot of support throughout my training, in the end I was running the marathon for myself, trained by myself, so why not head to the race by myself. Now once my toenail finally falls off the experience will be complete.  Headed home (complete with a few rainbows) to my favorite way to celebrate thanks to my husband…

veterans marathon 2012

All said it was a really great race.  Low stress, awesome fleece pullover, excellent course support, challenging course, and best of all it is held in honor of America’s Veterans.  I’d highly recommend this race to anyone looking for a fall marathon.

The NYC marathon race organizers are still working to decide what to do about the cancelled race.  If I never do get to run the NYC marathon I won’t be heartbroken.  Though, never say never right?

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  1. Jenn@slim-shoppin says:

    So glad it worked out Jacky! I was heartbroken that you were already there before they called the race. I wasn’t sure if you were going to try to finish one this year or not. great, great job!

  2. Aimee says:

    This is such a great race recap Jacky. Congratulations!! I’m so happy that you were able to run a marathon after all that training. I love what you wrote about running the race alone. My plans have changed and I’ll be heading to Philadelphia alone this weekend for the marathon.

    I have yet to lose a toenail despite all the running. I’m treating myself to a pedicure next Monday.

    Enjoy your champagne!!

  3. Jody says:

    Great job Jacky – a nice quiet marathon it looks like. I’m glad all your training got put to good use.
    Thanks for the story and pix!

  4. jillyinmn says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVED that re-cap, and I am so proud, jealous and happy for you and your race! Good for you!!! Looks like you picked a good one, and an awesome day. I love the way you recapped this though, but I was looking for the picture of the boy scout. I lost two toe nails the other day, Scott told me, “you know that is really disgusting, right?” I told him it is not the first time it has happened, I inherited my mother’s toe nails and at least I didn’t lose a toe like my dad.

    Love the finish with the champagne! Very impressive!

  5. biz319 says:

    So happy about the update Jacky – you need to make lemonade out of lemons, right? Love your attitude and in the end, you got your fall marathon in, whether or not it was how you planned. But such is life.


  6. Anita at Hungry Couple says:

    I thought about you when the NYC marathon was cancelled and I can imagine how disappointing it must have been at that moment. Although I favored cancelling the marathon, I thought it was deplorable that they waited so long. I’m so happy you found an alternative and didn’t let all your hard work and training go to waste. Next year in New York! 🙂

    • Jacky Hackett says:

      Yep, wrong time for the right decision. But it all worked out. Don’t envy the planners who now have to figure out what to do about this year’s entries. We had a good weekend in NYC anyway, made our contribution to the local economy that is for sure. 🙂

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