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Marathon training can really be all-consuming, I am glad to have it behind me.  Not that I minded the training, I actually enjoyed it, but it is time-consuming and starts to rule your life a little. With the marathon behind me I feel like I can resume a normal schedule.  I have a bunch of half written posts that I never quite wrapped up, so here goes…

{ R U N }

The weekend before heading to NYC, I took advantage of a local race to get over some of the race day nerves and to work on my pacing.  I had a great run and a new 10K PR – 1:01:19 – knocking off almost 4 minutes from my earlier PR in 2004.  Woot!  Next time I hope to break an hour.

{ F O O D }

In the kitchen I got cooking with beer.  First, with beer marinated pork chops <– AWESOME! I’ve made these before, using blue cheese and hazelnuts.  This time I used pecans and white cheddar.

beer marinated pork chops

Chipotle stout beer braised beef tacos were good too, topped with quick pickled radishes and cucumbers.

chipotle stout steak

I finally tried this blue cheese guacamole recipe I have wanted to try for a while.  A big hit, we really liked it!  Sounds odd, but give it a try.

blue cheese guacamole

Another one that has been on my list for a while is cinnamon rolls in the waffle iron. Eh, I think I prefer the doughy texture when they baked in the oven.  They were to crispy for my liking.

{ F U N }

Despite the rainy weekend here in Chicago our block had another awesome Blocktoberfest.  We didn’t skip a beat, or miss a planned activity, the party went on.  We had tent city setup in the middle of the block to keep shelter during the downpours.

block party 2012

Breakfast, scavenger hunt, necklace beading, tie dye, beer tasting, chili contest, dessert, and lots of great neighbors, friends, and conversation.  The rain stayed away long enough later it the evening for an excellent bonfire and impromptu dance party.  We finally remove the barricades after midnight.  I was pretty happy to stay on my feet that long after starting the day with my 20 mile run.  A successful day, fun was had by all!

That is not even the half of it, but it’s a start.


  1. Aimee says:

    Yes marathon training definitely takes over near the end. I’m ready for a break. Awesome job on the 10K!! You and I are so close to breaking an hour with our 10K PRs. Mine is 1:01:35. I am determined to get it done in 2013!

  2. Biz says:

    Holy shit, that’s an awesome time Jacky! I miss block parties. My Mom’s block had the best parties – so fun. My block now? Only has six houses on it, and two houses are really only used in the summer, so it’s no fun.

    But I guess that’s what I get for living in the “sticks!” OMG, having not had any alcohol in ten days, I keep seeing Artisan beers everywhere – I need to bookmark those beer braised tacos!!

    Glad you are getting your life back! 😀

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