All Aboard!

I can’t believe I have never been on the CTA Holiday train!

CTA Holiday Train

I think this train is the happiest place in Chicago.

CTA Holiday Train

The outside of the train is decked out in lights, the inside of the train even more decked out.  The seat coverings are even a Santa themed velour.  Elves are on board handing out candy canes.  Santa rides the middle car, which is flat-bed so he is outside, of course he has sled and elves.  We rode the train to the turn around station so we even got a chance to talk to Santa.  My son asked him if he knew Buddy the elf (referring to our Elf on the Shelf).  Santa responded with a hearty “Yeah Buddy!”, priceless.  Definitely a new holiday tradition for us!

The holiday train starts in November and runs until the weekend before Christmas, worth checking out. Riding the boring old regular CTA train on Monday will be a drag.



  1. chicagofoodiegirl says:

    I’ve lived in the city for 13 years and still haven’t ridden the holiday train (I’ve only seen it pass by). I vowed to Mario that this is the year we’re finally going to ride it — I even put a reminder on our shared calendar. This Thursday is the day! 🙂

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