When Life Gives you Lemons – Preserve Them!

The theme of this year seems to be non-stop. Which sometimes is a good thing and sometimes it makes me want to stay under the covers all day, especially with five straight days of rain.

Preserved Lemons

I am constantly playing catch up.  Though, now most of the big items on the to-do list are done, but it is the little ones that add up to a whole of crazy wasted time.  Oh like the taxes that are this close to being done.  But then there are those things I want to do, but maybe don’t actually need doing. Like saving lemons from being garbage disposal air-fresheners, especially when they come from someones yard.  A friend’s mom gave me a bag of lemons from her son’s tree in California. I had lots of ideas of putting them to use, but I was never able to fit anything in. But then I remembered these preserved lemons and decided I had to fit it in.

preserved lemons

Yay, the lemons are saved! I think it took a total of ten minutes, it was almost too bad it did not take longer.  The lemons color and scent brightened up an otherwise dreary busy day.  Now they sit and wait for a future use, TBD. Who knows, maybe this will be the weekend I have time to plan ahead.