13 Birthdays

Happy 13th birthday to my daughter! Hard to believe. Also hard to believe her brother was her age when she was born. We had a fun celebration with some of her friends, some who have celebrated with her since kindergarten. They are a fun bunch, this picture sums up 13!

meaghans birthday gang

We went to a nearby sushi place for dinner and came back to our house for cake, well cheesecake anyway.  Here current obsessions, Taylor Swift, Polaroid Camera, Arizona teas. The main thing my daughter wanted for her birthday was a Polaroid camera.  An old school Polaroid camera. Instagram piqued her interest in getting one.


She was thrilled to get one!  And a skateboard too, random. I set up a photo booth for the girls, complete with a Polaroid shaped frame board and they had fun with it! Though none of the photos ended up on my camera, the girls took them with their own phones. (And no, no my daughter did NOT get a phone for her birthday, high school people, high school!)

13th Birthday

Simple and successful. Easy enough seeing she celebrated almost exactly the same way last year, sushi followed by Nutella no bake cheesecake.

She has had some fun celebrations over the years, and some equally boring celebrations too. I like the every other year (if that) party celebration, and definitely prefer the small, old school, at home variety. Though in kindergarten we did have it at the local ice cream parlor. She had an awesome 1st birthday party, or course she does not remember. It sure a good excuse to have a big summer backyard bash.  Her 10th birthday party is still my favorite, the portrait party, where the girls each painted a portrait of another girl. She still has her portrait handing in her room. Which yea, it has only been three years, but in tween years that is a lifetime.

Happy birthday, 13 wishes to come true…

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  1. Aimee says:

    Now that’s exactly how 13 year old girls should be celebrating. Happy birthday to your daughter! I absolutely love that she wanted a Polaroid camera. Very cool!! Judging by all of those smiles it was a fun day.

  2. biz319 says:

    I don’t know how I missed this post! So crazy she’s 13 already! I agree, I had some fun parties for Hannah when she was little. My favorite one was the breakfast birthday when Hannah was 8. I contacted all the parents inviting their girls to Hannah’s breakfast birthday – however, we picked each girl up and they had to come in the party wearing what they had on at bed (um, I think some of the parents cheated when one girl said “I was wondering why my Mom made me change out of my ratty t-shirt and insisted I put on matching pajamas last night!”

    So with each girl we picked up, the wake up crew got bigger and bigger, and then all six girls came back to our house for pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon and “cafe lattes” which was really 1 part decaf coffee 9 parts milk with lots of whip cream!

    I bought plain pillow cases, and asked each girl to decorate their pillowcase with their name in front, and asked each of the girls to write something you like about that person on their pillow cases and they took them home.

    On Hannah’s pillow case girls wrote “Hannah is easy to talk to, she makes me laugh, she’s a great friend, etc.” It’s now 13 years old and she still uses it to sleep on!

  3. Augustus Y. Roberson says:

    Not at all artistic, but I still remember very clearly the pleasure and excitement at a ’50s birthday party when the father of the honoree showed us pictures almost as soon as they had been taken. . It was a great and memorable technological moment for all of us, the first step toward an unimaginable world of ubiquitous electronic wizardry.

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