Friday Funday!

We started our fun day spending some time at the grandparents house, centrally located to all the fun in the city! Then off for a bus ride, the littlest’s first one.

First stop after the bus, packet pickup for the Big Ten 10K, Fleet Feet has these down pat! Next stop the Chicago History Museum.  What a great place! Considerably smaller than the big museums in Chicago, but jam-packed full of great exhibits. Where else can you make yourself into a Chicago hot dog…

Chicago Hot Dog


My daughter loved the Ebony Fifty Years of Fashion exhibit, no pictures allowed. It was pretty cool though, not sure I realized Ebony was a Chicago creation. I loved the Vivian Maier exhibit, I did not realize it was there so it was a pleasant surprise. Her photos are incredible, and her story and the discovery of the photos is pretty neat too. A couple of years ago I donated to the Kickstarter campaign to make a documentary of the story. They  just announce the movie will be part of the Toronto International Film Fest, which is pretty exciting. Here is a link to the trailer for the movie.


We took a lunch break. The cafe has surprisingly good and reasonably priced food. It was funny, as we were walking through the museum my son kept insisting he had been to the museum, and that his dad took him. I knew that was not the case, but he sure knew his way around. After lunch he finally figured out that he had been on a field trip when he was four. He made a pretty good tour guide, the kid retains info like it’s his job.

Highly recommend a visit to the Chicago History Museum, we soaked it all in and learned some new things. For example, Scottie Pippen’s shoes are about the six of a preschool child. Bonus the kids got to hang with their Gramee for the day, see their Papa, and ride the bus.

We did a little shopping, grabbed some snacks for dinner, and headed back home to await the arrival of of our friends who were heading into town for the Big Ten 10K. Fun day Friday bled right into a fun evening with friends on the front porch enjoying a beautiful evening.


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