Friday Funday!

Not everyone’s idea of fun, but We had a fun morning at Chuck E. Cheese! It helps to go in with low expectations. The littlest has been dying to go, and since we scheduled a friend to come over i thought it was the perfect time to go. It took them about two hours to work their way through forty-five tokens. Money well spent in my opinion.


I will even say, the pizza was good. It was a newish, clean Chuck E. Cheese. The staff was so friendly too. They both got a ton of tickets and got a kick out of “shopping” for rewards. But most importantly, the boys had a ton of fun! The best part of this fun day, no plans for the evening. Just a relaxing night at home.

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  1. biz319 says:

    I went there once and only once – I think it was the one on North Avenue and it was loud, dirty and the staff was not nice at all – of course, this is going back about 18 years! Glad the boys had fun, that’s all that matters!

    Just about to light up the grill – rosemary garlic beef roast! 😀 Enjoy your night!

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