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Irish Cake Bomb

Posted on Guinness cake

Winter was nothing if not persistent. I loved all the snow! The time change and St. Patrick’s Day are welcome signs of spring, even if there is snow in the forecast again tonight. The St. Patrick’s Day parade this year … Continue reading

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Best Corned Beef Recipe Ever {Guinness Corned Beef}

Posted on Slow Cooker Guinness Corned Beef

I’m back!  Arrived from Dublin just in time to head to a local Irish bar for a big St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  Go figure.  Today is all about relaxing, oh and laundry I guess.  I have my favorite St. Patrick’s … Continue reading

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Regular Programming Resumes

Posted on chipotle stout steak

Marathon training can really be all-consuming, I am glad to have it behind me.  Not that I minded the training, I actually enjoyed it, but it is time-consuming and starts to rule your life a little. With the marathon behind … Continue reading

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Work Benefits {Food in Jars}

Posted on Plum rum and habanero rosemary jam

I have lots of great benefits at my work, but none better than an instant message announcing “food in jars” for me.  Homemade food in jars. Plum rum and Habanero rosemary jam.  Leah (my co-worker, friend, and favorite mommy blogger) … Continue reading

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Laboring {Cherry Bourbon BBQ Ribs}

Posted on ribs withCherry bourbon BBQ sauce

Thankful for a beautiful day off, though I labored inside for a good part of the day.  Poor planning, I should have gotten that all done earlier so I could have a beach today.  We took an extra long weekend … Continue reading

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Cherries? Bourbon. Bourbon? Cherries

Posted on bourbon soaked cherries

A delicious introduction. They got along swimmingly.  After a few weeks soaking the bourbon took on the color of the cherries and resembled the color of a rich red wine. With the color soaked out of the cherries, they look … Continue reading

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Weekend Work {Beer Marshmallows}

Posted on beer marshmallow

This was the weekend to finally conquer the homemade marshmallows.  But not just any marshmallows… Beer marshmallows.  They are surprisingly easy to make, but require full concentration from start to finish.  I had the day to myself, guaranteed no interruptions. … Continue reading

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Routine Recipes

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  Our household has been out of sorts and is just not getting back into a regular routine.  My husband got injured on a work trip (little run in with a tornado).  Certainly could have been much worse, he was … Continue reading

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Don’t Mess With A Classic {Shamrock Shake}

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Why did McDonald’s have to go messing with a good thing?  The Shamrock Shake was perfect as it was, the whipped cream and cherry don’t do anything to improve it.  The fact that they are no longer premixed but instead combined … Continue reading

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Holiday Eats

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A little bit late on this. We did have a great holiday break, though almost glad to get back into our normal routines! We had an eve of Christmas Eve celebration with my family. Traditional pierogi dinner was served with … Continue reading

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