The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

My daughter was in a Christmas show at the local theater.  They performed the The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  I had never heard of it before, it was really cute.  It is a humorous retelling of the story of Jesus.  The kids did a great time considering the short amount of time they had to work on it and the long week leading up to the show.  They had rehearsals until 10pm four nights this week. 
I am not what came over me, but I volunteered to help backstage.  I am actually glad I did, it was great to see how the director interacted with the kids.  He was great, the perfect t one of tough yet encouraging.  All the adults running the show were awesome with the kids.  I do not envy their job.  The actors in the show had a good time with it too, though at times the stress of working with the kids couldn’t help but show.   It was also great to see how they kids learn, they learned a dance to Jingle Bell rock in about 30 minutes.  They steps were tweaked on the fly by the music director, which added to the complexity.  There were some fancy moves to learn, I was really impressed with the kids.

I was backstage for the opening show.  The kids did a great job keeping quiet and getting themselves where they needed to be.  Some of the other moms, not so much.  I think I shushed one mom about 10 times.  That was a challenge.  A stage mom I am not, but it was a fun experience.

Today I got to sit in the audience, it was really cute.  A Spring show will be announced soon, my daughter can not wait to do it!


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