Guest Who?

Pippin at Petterino'sDid I tell you who I saw eating lunch at Petterino’s?  Scottie Pippen.  I caught a glimpse of someone from the corner of my eye and knew it had to be someone famous.  They had the beautiful person look going.  Then I realized it was Scottie Pippen.  Did I just say Scottie Pippen was beautiful?  Yes. Yes I did.  He was a very pretty man in person.  He was sitting outside having lunch and he looked a bit surprised that everyone was just walking by and not  recognizing him.  His companions even looked unimpressed, they were texting and chatting on the phone.  I hung around and observed for a few minutes, snapped a photo, and seriously considered striking up a conversation.  Maybe tell him thanks for all the entertainment in the 90’s, or perhaps curse him for all the hangovers I suffered going out to watch all the games at the bar.  Good times, but I clearly remembering after a few years of winning I was kinda hoping for a few loses that would translate to an evening in. But I digress.
You know who else I saw?  Coach Ditka.  Not in person, though I have met him in person at his restaurant.  I actually spotted him on Elizabites, a great Chicago foodie blog I follow. Recognizing his famous face and commenting ‘Ditka’s. Da bearz!’ won me a guest spot on Elizabites.  Check it out, I gave my thoughts on a favorite place in the city, Pastoral. 
All this Chicago sport talk is making me hungry for a sassage sammich. Or maybe a kilbasse. I’m off to The Jewels.


  1. G. Shumway says:

    Ok, at first i was impressed you won a contest, but now having seen what that contest was, i'm only impressed you put forth the effort to comment.

    That's the beautiful face that greets me every Sunday morning when I stumble to the fridge to grab some bloody mary mix and vodka.

  2. Jacky Hackett says:

    Ya gotta play to win! And I am glad to hear you only see his face in the fridge come Sunday morning.

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