Last summer I spotted Scottie Pippen eating lunch.  I had assumed he’d out grown his reputation of No Tippen Pippen.  But this recent story suggest he hasn’t.  Check out the photo they used!  What I really love about the story is the link to the story about Charles Barkley being an excellent tipper, even paying college tuition for a bus boy.   That story goes on to mention that Barkley may be a good tipper, but is no golfer.  This a fact I have witnessed for myself.  This video demonstrates it perfectly.


About 10 years ago we saw Barkley at a celebrity golf outing in Lake Tahoe.  We followed his foursome that included Wayne Gretzky, Ahmed Rashad, and I can’t recall who else.  At one point Gretzky got his ball stuck in a tree, Barkley almost took out a handful of spectators setting it free.  He was hilarious, they all were actually.  It was such a fun event to attend, Ivan Llendl was the highlight for me.  Love love him.  The low-light, witnessing Maury Povich put his cigarette out on the beautifully manicured putting green on one of the holes.  What a jerk.  The priceless moment was when my sister-in-law approached Jack Wagner and his than wife (Kristina Wagner) to tell them how much she loved them on All My Children.  To which his wife responded dead on “We are on General Hospital“.  We all just about died laughing at her blunder.

Anyway, so yea they used my picture in the story.