Family Time In Demand

We canceled a few plans Saturday for some much needed family time.  Family time has been in short supply this summer and things are only getting busier.  We headed to the Oak Park Farmer’s Market for the first time this year.  The donuts were worth the wait in the long line (best in Chicago), the music was great (the kids like the guy playing the spoons), and they had just about everything I needed to fill in the gaps from the CSA bag.  We picked up fixings for a Ploughman’s lunch.  It was a beautiful day to enjoy a relaxed meal on the front porch. 
 Our plan was to play a new Lego board game my daughter got for her birthday, we still haven’t even opened it.  However, I went to get everyone and family time turned into a little quiet time to myself instead.  At any rate it was time well spent and worth missing out on our other plans.
  1. Unfortunately, it can be hard sometimes to co-ordinate everyone’s schedule. Spending just a little bit of time togethereach day can help a family reconnect. Sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing day with your family.

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