Getting out of Dodge

This past weekend we got the hell out of dodge to have a much needed long family weekend.  The main destination was MSU, my husbands Alma Mater, for a tailgate and a football game.  The weather wasn’t too great, rainy and chilly, but we had a ton of fun anyway.  We were located near an alumni event so we got a good view of the cheerleaders, marching band, and Sparty coming and going throughout the day.  The cheerleaders were nice enough to let us take pictures, though the 3 year-old wanted no part.  The rain got bad right about game time, so we opted to head back to the hotel and watch the game in the great indoors.  Finished the night out with dinner and hooking up with some friends who were at the game.  We were bummed not to go to the game, but given the rain the kids would not have lasted 5 minutes.  Next year I guess.

MSU MI Weekend (61)

We spent Sunday morning walking and driving around campus.  They kids got to see all the places dad lived, that is when they paid attention and looked out the window.  No campus tour would be complete without visiting Sparty, we even got to see “Sparty Watch”.  We hit the bookstore and got geared up with MSU wear and headed to spend the night in New Buffalo.

We had eaten in the hotel restaurant that were staying at in New Buffalo before but never stayed there, wow were the rooms nice.  We had a beautiful view of the harbor and the beach in the distance.  We just hung out, had dinner, watched a movie, ordered up ice cream and had a very relaxing night. 
MSU MI Weekend (31)
MSU MI Weekend (34)
Monday the kids got to play hooky from school, the weather was beautiful so I headed to the beach for run.  Turned out to be a lot of stop and go, I could not pass up all the beach glass.  Took the kids to the pool and then we headed to the pumpkin patch on the way back to Chicago.
MSU MI Weekend (19)  
It was such a great weekend.  Always nice to get away from all the chores staring you down at home to just enjoy each others company, the kind of quality time we just never seem to have enough time for at home.

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