Ham and Cheese, All Grown Up

We finished off our weekend getaway at the  County Line Orchardin Hobart, IN.  A friend recommended it and  since it was right on our way home from New Buffalo we stopped to check it out.  The place is HUGE.  I am glad we went on a Monday, I bet it is über crowded on the weekends.  I mean the picnic area must have had at least 100 picnic tables.  There were a lot of school and nursing home groups when we were there, but it was not crowded by any means.

The apple orchards are huge, there were lots of pumpkins to “pick”, a corn maze, a kids zoo, tractor rides, a huge country store, and a restaurant.  You can even get married there if you want.  We picked a few apples, some small pumpkins, and indulged in some delicious pumpkin spice donuts.  Seriously the best donuts I have ever had.  And they did not even leave me with the heartburn I normally get from greasy fatty treats, bonus.  Of course we washed it down with some hot cider too. We went home with a few things from the store too, a peach hot sauce and fig jam.
Just what this house needs, more condiments.  I am sucker for fig jam, I love it.  It is so so good on a cheese platter with a hard cheese like manchego.  Tonight I used it on some grown up ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner.  Sourdough bread, prosciutto, brie, fig jam, and I added a bit of mustard at the last minute.
With a light spray of olive oil on the bread I grilled them on the grill ’em up.  Tasty!  It was well worth almost half my calories for the day.  The spicy mustard was a good call, the spice complimented the sweet perfectly.  I only regret I did not add think slices of the apples we picked.


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