Worked Half to Death

No, not me, I had the day off.  It was my food processor that I may or may not have killed.  I had another productive day in the kitchen, but the Cuisinart may have paid the price.  I got to work on some homemade gifts from my kitchen for the holidays.

But first, we went to see the ten year-old in her last Holiday Sing.  It is always a great performance and this year was no exception.  They finished the show with all the fifth graders in sunglasses playing the blues on harmonica.  A few of the kids were playing horns and guitars, and their old music teacher joined them on piano.  It was pretty damn awesome!

Back in the kitchen I started with the Charred Chile Oil.  Turned out more like an emulsion, but tasty nonetheless.  The vinegar and lime juice enhance the flavor and cut the heat to make it an even keeled taste treat.

Onto dinner and pizza night.  The kids wanted cheeseburger pizza.  I also made a bbq meatball pizza.  Really loving this pizza crust, it really is perfect.  I even made extra to freeze.  I see a breakfast pizza in my holiday future.  Though I may have pushed my food processor too far today, it stopped working in the midst of making it.  I cleared the dough out to finish in my Kitchen Aid and voila it started working again, only yo go kaput again.  Back the to the mixer with the dough hook to finish.  I hope I did not work it to death and that it is revived when I try it again, after all it is only 11 years old.  Should be young in the world of appliances. Asparagus caught my eye at the grocery store so I grab some to roast for salad.  Roasted asparagus is incredibly easy, and delicious.

Child labor

I had big plans of getting started on Christmas treats, but the store had no big containers of nuts for spiced nuts or spicy red peppers for sweet heat treat.  Decided to tackle Rolos in pretzels with a M&M on top.  Though after getting the kids to unwrap all the Rolos I realized the M&M’s I had were Mint.  I didn’t think that would work.  I will have to hit the store again in the morning so I get all these done this weekend, in addition to cut out cookies, cranberry white chocolate cookies, and chocolate mint brownie bites.


After watching a Christmas show with the kids I made a double batch of sea salt caramel sauce (minus the chilies).  Yum, yum, yum!  Spending a day off in the kitchen is so relaxing to me.  Still up for the weekend cut out cookies and pierogi.  Another busy weekend in the kitchen, good thing the husband will be tackling dinner, Soyrizo and Chickpea soup.

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