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The ten year-old had a field trip last Friday to the Planetarium, perfect excuse to take the day off and go on what is likely the last field trip with her.  It was a beautiful day to be on the lakefront.  I don’t think I have been there since grade school myself.  Not a ton to see, but the movie they show is pretty cool.  Though I still find it hard to comprehend that the stars we see have in fact been gone for billions of years.
The field trip was short, which gave me some time in the afternoon to cook.  Haven’t been in the kitchen much lately so the extra time was welcome.  Homemade pizza was on the agenda for the evening.  I always have a hard time finding pizza dough, I only seem to find it frozen and that is not much help when I want to make on a whim.  Making it requires some advance planning to, for rising time.  I am glad to say I finally found the perfect pizza dough.  No rising, crisp crust, easy easy.  Even better news, I am told I can freeze it!  I made one pizza with the same ingredients as my butternut squash bruschetta, another one with just spinach artichoke dip mix from the farmer’s market and parmesan, and a third with just oil and Parmesan.  I ate the plain pizza with a big salad topped with the best salad dressing ever.  A friend turned me onto this recipe, it is so so good.  It is great on the pizza with a bit of sea salt.
Saturday we woke up to snow.  Perfect for getting our tree.  The guy helping us was impressive; trimmed the tree, wrapped it, put it on our car, all without removing his cigarette from his mouth.  We played in the snow for awhile, the kids stayed out a a few hours.  I made them some homemade cocoa when they came in, they recognized right away how much better it is homemade.  We finally got to try the elephant ear flavored marshmallows we picked up a few weeks ago.
Saturday was Girl and the Goat!
Sunday was more snow, more homemade hot cocoa with sweet potato marshmallows this time, and more free time in the kitchen.  Then tree decorating time.  Tradition in our house is snacks while we decorate.  We cut way back this year, the husband made mini bacon cheddar meatloaf sandwiches from the new cookbook I got.  Delicious!  I made a recipe I have been wanting to try for some time, salt and vinegar chickpeas.  I love salt and vinegar chips, these were a tasty replacement, though next time I will add a bit more sea salt.
A good weekend, back to the daily grind.


  1. jilly says:

    Sweatshirts to snow pants. Nice. Where do you live, Minnesota? We actually buy pizza dough from our pizza place, if you ask they will usually sell it. Sounds like an awesome weekend!

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