Friday Flapping

It is another cold day in Chicago, only a few more months of Winter. Though I have to say it isn’t as bad as it could be, the river hasn’t frozen completely. Not yet. There is a warm up in the forecast this weekend, maybe even above freezing. I sure hope so because at this point the treadmill is my own personal torture device so I would love to get in a real run.

cold morning
I hoped a breakfast of fresh fruit would help remind of me of warmer days to come. The fruit was surprising good for this time of year. On top of Greek yogurt and homemade granola it was a very filling way to start the day.

Last week my husband and I tried a new hot spot near my office, Grahamwich. I have to agree with Time Out Chicago’s review. though I actually gave it two stars on Yelp. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that it was bad food, but it was not amazing food either. There are so many amazing food choices and I eat lunch out so infrequently that I can’t say I will be back. To be honest, my biggest complaint was not the food, it was the space itself. There is seating for maybe 10 people, and standing counters for another six or so. I guess that is part of the strategy but when I pay that much money for a sandwich I want to know I am going to be able to enjoy it fresh. Hot sandwiches get soggy and cold by the time you get them back to the office. Eh, maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, we spilt the grilled cheese and the Reuben, they WERE both very good. But were not as revolutionary as I had hoped.

grilledcheese reuben

I think part of it was because over the past few months we have made our OWN fabulous sandwiches from the ‘wichcraft cookbook I got for my birthday. The best I could hope is that a sandwich I pay $10 for is at least as good if not better than one I make myself. Or maybe I was just bought into the hype and was expecting too much. Or maybe I just had food regret because I overruled my husband’s decision to go to XOCO. I also couldn’t help but think that my lunches from Gaztro-Wagon and Meatyballs Mobile were a whole lot more delicious.

That all said, the sandwiches were good. The grilled cheese had a tomato jam on it, we both thought that was a great addition. Though they were pretty skimp on it and it would have been better to have a bit of it in ever bite. The Reuben had a good portion of meat, not too much. Only complaint is that is was a bit wet. The potato chips were good even if the bacon almost non-existent.

Hmm, did that turn a bit negative? In more positive news I had a nice surprise last night when I went to help organize Ticket of Choice (silent auction) items for the ten year-olds school carnival (fundraiser) and I got to see a favorite blogger of mine in person, Jennifer of Slim Shoppin’. She always shares great recipes and inspirations for eating fit. A fun surprise!

Tonight I ma checking out a new place that opened near my work, Public House. It opened in the old Red Fish location. Finally! The menu looks awesome! Is it happy hour yet?


  1. Biz says:

    My sister told me she ran into you – how fun!

    OMG, that menu is insane. I would have definitely tried the fried pickles and the lobster mac n cheese, but then the cheese plate sounds so good too! Hope you will give a review!

    And I tend to be a Reuben snob too – too bad the $$ didn't equal the taste!

  2. jilly says:

    That grilled cheese looks delish! Breakfast looks nummy. We had baked eggs for breakfast again this morning!

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