{Check it Out} Conversions, Carbs, Grahamwich, Wacker

A few things that caught my eye this week…

I have to start with this, the man with a Lenten fast that include only beer and water, just like monks.  Check out his progress.

Check out this red rhubarb cocktail, I may need to start growing rhubarb.

I am always referring to conversion charts or searching for conversion formulas.  Check out this kitchen calculator app.

Check out these awesome camera straps .  Oh but it only makes me yearn for that new camera.

Check out this article on carb counting tips for diabetes.  Beth from My Bizzy Kitchen offers the #1 pointer.

I am glad to see that Grahamwich is revamping the menu and lowering pricesI wasn’t overly impressed when I visited and I think they are not drawing the crowds ore acclaim they expected.  I hope this helps, though I am not sure it will get me make too soon.   Check out the new menu.

I’ve lived in Chicago a long time and am a big fan of Wacker drive.  Always loved the name bit can honestly say I have never given any thought to where the name came from.  Turns out it was named after a chairman of the Plan Commission, Charles Henry Wacker.  Check out the details and read his manual (can you believe it was required reading for 8th graders).


  1. Biz says:

    Thanks for the shout out Jacky! Hope you had a good weekend – looks like our temps will be better this week – I need to pull out my bike. 😀

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