Tamalli Space Charros

Another day without a lunch from home calls for another food truck find.  This time it was the Tamale Spaceship.  What are they all about?  Here is what they say…

We are TAMALLI SPACE CHARROS, a mobile tamaleria, a tamale food truck inspired by Mexico’s “stridentist movement”, and mexican wrestling sci-fi films.

They certainly played the part which makes placing your order fun.  In addition to a  handful of tamales to select from they also have guacamole served with chips.  The guacamole is some of the best I’ve tasted, dare I say I preferred it even over Xoco.  It was full of chunks of avocado, onion, tomato and cilantro. It had the perfect heat to it, a finish that hit you in the back of the throat and didn’t steal the show from the other flavors.


I ordered the Picturesque Tamalli,  shredded pork tamale.  Each order consists of two tamales wrapped in a corn husk.  I could only finish one, though I did eat almost the entire order or gauc.  The tamale was moist and had the perfect filling to masa ratio.  The pork was divine and packed with rich  flavor.  The tomato-habanero sauce that came with it was warmed and was delicious, flavorful without being overly spicy.  I actually ended up dipping the chips into it, the tamale didn’t really need it.

I am a huge fan of tamales, and it is something I will likely never attempt to make myself.  Way back when my son’s babysitter taught be how to make them.  I sure wish I had written all the details down!


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