Halfway to NYC

I am halfway through my NYC marathon training.  I’ve logged 11 weeks and almost 200 miles.  Exciting!  I have 11 more weeks to go.  Intimidating!  Some people only take 12 weeks to train for a marathon, most use an 18 week plan.  I am following a 22 week plan (I started on the same schedule as the Chicago marathon runners).  The start of training was tough, it was impossible to get up early enough to run before the heat.  I thought starting at six a.m. on the lakefront would provide cooler temps.  No such luck, the 12 mile long run kicked my arse which did not do my self-confidence any good.  The next week, 13 wasn’t so bad.  I managed a solo run of 15 while I was on vacation, though I did have my sister encouraging me a few times along the route.  And you know you are in the depths of it when you are happy to only being running 10 on  your long day.

The first few weeks of training my Achilles were really acting up, and my ankles were non-existent.  A week off from running, a few weeks of ice baths, and compression socks helped.  Though the real problem was I was not stretching enough , or at all most days.  Taking the time to stretch has really been the key.

My real challenge is between my ears…

There is no training plan for the mental game unfortunately.  The downside of the long training plan is staying excited about the work that gets you to the finish line.  Another issue mentally is the course, lots of hills and lots of bridges.  The first two miles of the course include the highest incline and almost half of it is a bridge.  Yea, hills are hard, and I have a conquered running some big hills in San Francisco so I know what to expect.  But do you know I HATE bridges?  I do.  Hard to train for these challenges especially when it is only on paper (as opposed to being able to visit the course in person).  This too shall pass (maybe), but for now is giving me a sick stomach along with other logistics of the start and course.

I am changing up my schedule to align better with NYC so I can avoid doing my longest run too far out.  These changes alone are making me feel better, I was logging too many miles which was not helping the motivation portion of the equation.  At least I have pizza Fridays to look forward to.

arugula pesto pizza

This week’s topped with arugula almond pesto, fresh mozzarella, with tomato and basil from the garden.  My current motivator!

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  1. Aimee says:

    My marathon training is about 18 weeks, but my first month was marred with a pulled hamstring followed by a sore Achilles. I’m back in action now and just completed my 14 mile long run last week. Sounds like you are doing great. I ran a race last weekend with an enormous nearly mile long hill towards the beginning. My friend kept telling me to repeat in my head “the hill is my friend.” I still think we’re arch enemies but I at least got a laugh as I was going up the mighty hill.

    Good luck in the weeks to come. I am so excited for you.

    • Jacky Hackett says:

      Aimee, Sounds like we got off to a similar start. Glad you are back in action. Hills are hard to find around me, so sadly I am going to have to rely on my treadmill. I’ll try making nice with the hill and be friends with it, all a mental game right. 😉 Thanks!

  2. Biz says:

    I am sure you’ve read this on my blog before, but you have to search this stretching show that’s on channel 20.

    I used to have to wear inserts that I got from a foot doctor for years, my achilles pain was awful if I went a day or two without them.

    I started doing these 30 minute stretches, and I have no foot pain, my heel pain is non-existent, and I haven’t worn my inserts for months.


    I am so proud with your long runs – glad your sisters cheer you on too! 😀

    • Jacky Hackett says:

      I actually started taping that show after you posted about your achilles pain improvement. I have a ton of episodes to work with now, have to widdle them down to a few key ones. Must say I was pretty proud of my myself on vacation, only missed 1 scheduled run. I was even down a lb when I got home.

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