Plan Your Run/Run Your Plan

Six weeks to go until NYC marathon.  Six weeks!  With the amount of traveling my husband does and the weekend plans I really have to pay attention to my training schedule so I am sure to get in all my runs.  I started my training according to the Chicago marathon training plan.  I had intended to follow it and then tweak it once the Chicago marathon took place.  But realizing my 20-miler would be way too early (and I did not want to do two) I changed up my plan.  Last week was the originally scheduled 20-miler, CARA held an organized pseudo-race.  I went to the lakefront for it but only ran 10 miles.  I was kinda bummed to not be able to take advantage of the course support, support of the other runners, and the race-like finish.  Sure would have been better than my plan to go it alone.  It was a beautiful day, cool temps and not wind, it was kicked off by an amazing sunrise.

Up with the sun

When I was done with my run I sat in the sun and watched the runners finish the run.  Such a sense of relief for the runners, it is taper time for them until marathon day.  So envious!  Sitting there gave me a chance to realize that my new plan wasn’t really going to work either, I still had my 20-miler schedule too far out.  Ultimately, I’ve decided to mimic the end of the Chicago marathon training schedule, which should definitely work.  I’m happy with the plan, just need to fit it all in between school meetings, upcoming weekend trips, and the husband’s travel.

Run On

Sooo 6 weeks and 170 training miles until race day.  Two big runs to go, 18 and 20.  Just need to run the plan, just wish my nerves would simma down now.


  1. Aimee says:

    I totally understand the challenge of getting those long runs in amidst a busy life and doing them at just the right time. I’m actually planning to do two 20 mile runs this time around. I did my first today and it ended up going much better than my 18 mile run last week.

    I was super nervous last year before my really long runs, but on race day I felt prepared. You will do great!. Good luck!!

  2. biz319 says:

    I am with Jody – I don’t know how you do it all either!! You’ll do great! I wonder if I could get 170 miles of exercise done in six weeks? That may be my new goal!

    Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!

  3. Monet says:

    So very inspiring! I have just started running again, and it has been great to visit your blog and get motivation to put my running shoes on. And that sunrise? Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

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