jackyhackettWelcome to Jax House!  I’m Jacky Hackett and on this blog I’ll serving up my thoughts on cooking, eating, reading, running, and anything other interesting thing that comes my way.  I write mostly about food, though make no mistake I am no gourmet. Food is just a hobby; I enjoy eating, cooking, and feeding others.  Oh and I may be slightly obsessed with food trucks and Rick Bayless.  Subscribe to follow along!

By day I am a Technology professional but I wont bore you with that I have another site for that.


  1. susan says:

    hi jacky!

    i love your site and am obsessed with eating/talking about/tasting/photographing/writing about/researching/sniffing/playing with/and experimenting with food … thank you!!!

    i’m a graphic designer and i’m creating some postcards for a local massage therapist who is targeting various local professionals. am wondering if i can have your permission to use the dentist photograph you posted. i think it would be perfect for the dentist-targeted postcard as is clearly shows how uncomfortable it must be for dentists to lean over patients all day! 🙂

    thank you so much!

    🙂 susan

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