October Reading Update

I am making successful progress on my fall reading list, which is good news since the pile of books on my nightstand could knock me out if they fell on me in my sleep.  Here’s what I’ve read…
  Good Enough to Eat
by Stacey BallisCompleted!A great book for any one that enjoys to cook or eat.  It was good enough to eat!  It even includes the recipes discussed.  I gave the guilt-free cupcakes a try, not too bad.
In Cold Blood
by Truman CapoteOh Hold!The library is holding it for me, which I need to get since I have no book to read at bedtime.
by Jeffrey EugenidesCompleted! I wasn’t a huge fan of his debut novel The Virgin Suicides, but this one caught my ear on a podcast.  I listened to this book and really enjoyed.  The narrator made a huge difference, I am not sure I would have enjoyed the book as much.  This story tops off the known challenges of growing up within a large family and adolescence with the fact that the main character after being raised a girl discovers she is in fact a boy.
Bitter is the New Black
by Jen LancasterCompleted! My friend passed this book on to me, I was hoping for a quick funny read.  I can’t say I laughed once.  Her entitlement overshadowed it I guess.  Though really it is all the footnote commentary that gets to me.  Another book I read was my first experience with this style, painful.  If it is worth mentioning, make it part of the story.  Not my cup of tea.
The Mesh:  Why the Future of Business is Sharing
by Lisa GanskyReading! I was happy to find a package on my front porch with this book, care of Seth Goodin whose book Linchpin, I read earlier this year.  Enjoying this book so far, learned of a few new sites too.


  1. Jacky Hackett says:

    I am all over the places these days catching up on my books, but the variety keeps it interesting. Mesh was very good, I really enjoyed it.

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