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I finally made some progress on my stack of books waiting to be read.  I take advantage of my commute for reading time.  When a book fails to engage me I tend to opt to listen to podcasts instead, then it takes longer than necessary to finish the book.  A sure sign of a great book is when I can’t wait to get to the train and crack open my book.  Once in awhile a real page turner comes along that engages me fully and I miss stop.  Love when I stumble on those!  Here are my recent reads reviewed in under 30 seconds…
The Talent Code
Daniel CoyleMistakes + Desire + Coaching = Talent OR
Time + Encouragement + Access = Talent OR
Money = Talent.  Obviously it is not that simple. It is an engaging book with interesting concepts on how we gain talent. I had a similar reaction to that of Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.
Marian KeyesBoy meets girl. Boy leaves Girl after having baby.  Girl loses oodles of weight without ever noticing.  Mindless Summer beach read.
Ballads of Suburbia
Stephanie KuehnertSex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll, with a lot of teenage angst thrown in. The issues run deep and. While aimed at young adults, I think it is a must read for parents of tweens and teens. Excellent writing from a thoughtful perspective.
Seth GoodinDon’t do your job.  Do more.  Be remarkable.  Bring emotional to your work.  Do the right thing, even if it is not popular. Be indispensable.  I found this flawed though, chances are your company just wants you to do your job.  Though I would suggest giving it a read for yourself.
The Virgin Suicides
Jeffrey EugenidesFive sisters, five suicides.  I just didn’t get it.
David RhodesAn emotional depiction of small town Midwest living. You become interconnected in the lives of the characters and the landscape. Beautiful writing, this book is in my all time top five. I think I only missed by stop once though.

Now to tackle the new pile of books that has formed while I was enjoying this pile!


  1. Carrie says:

    Great quick reviews! I'm visiting from Life as MOM and I think I've just been inspired to shorten my book reviews (at least from time to time). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jacky Hackett says:

    Thanks for dropping in! I kept them short out of necessity, since I knew it could be ages before I would post longer reviews. Now to figure out a rating system.

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