I’ve begun transporting my Frontera salsa home last night and made a last minute decision to include the Gala Red Apple Salsa in the bag.  In a moment of doubt I took it out of the bag.  Blowing off my feelings I put it back in the bag and proceeded home.  I was not 10 steps out of my building when my bag bottomed out and the three jars feel to the street.  One shattered!  You’ve guessed it by now, it was the apple one.  Curses!  I will never know how good it was.  Though maybe that is a good thing.
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I guess this is what Oprah has been talking about when she tells you to listen to your intuition, because the universe was surely trying to tell me bad things were ahead for my poor salsa.
I relayed the news at work today.  Just by stating I hate “sad news”, it was clear it was salsa related.  Also got a “salsa abuse” comment thrown at me over the cube walls.  The good news?  I really do have more exciting things going on.  I had the pleasure of seeing John Mellencamp this weekend, finished a great book, celebrated a delicious Fauxgiving with the family where I contributed a delicious Brussels sprout salad, and a butternut squash bruschetta.  Hopefully I will find time to soon to get keys to keyboards on all these things.


  1. LSC says:

    I got the brussels sprouts salad recipe. I NEED the bruchetta recipe. I think I finished them all. Spectacular.

  2. jilly says:

    Oh dagnabit. What a bummer. So, I am super curious about this salsa, where do you find it? I love the fauxthanksgivng. I am thinking due to the love of turkey that Scott has, I might have to have one just for us. He loves the leftovers, plus, I have a few recipes I want to try that would be wasted on my sister and her family. . .

  3. Jacky Hackett says:

    I will get the bruschetta recipe posted soon.

    I bet Lunds carries the Frontera salsas. I got it here at Jewel, Dominicks (Safeway) does not seem to carry it. Share the new recipes!

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