In a Small Town with John Mellencamp

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I had the pleasure of seeing John Mellencamp in a small town this past weekend.  Not any small town, but on is in home state of Indiana.  I have seen Mellencamp before at one of the outdoor venues in the area where you really just hear him and not see him.  This was a completely different experience, small venue, great seats, excellent sounds, and a fun crowd.  Really the only way I will see a show these days.
Over half the show was dedicated to the song from his new album and it was easy to predict when he was going to pepper in some old classics.  He immediately got the crowd going opening with the Authority Song.  He proceeded with lots of songs from his new album.  The concert was filled with mostly solo acoustic songs, which was AWW-SOME.  Lots of violin and electric bass undertones too, I love me a some violin (Poi Dog anyone?).
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Highlights of my evening…
Cherry Bomb acoustic a cappella was a crowd favorite for a sing-a-long.
Seeing my name is Jacky Diane, partially named for my godparents Jack and Diane, I was very happy he played “Jack and Diane”.  It was a fun lively country two-step rendition.
Like any good rock start these days, he threw in a little politics by prefacing “Jackie Brown” with the statement “…the Constitution prescribes money for protection and for our well-being, and “they’ve got money for protection, but they ain’t got money for our well-being…”
“Small Town” solo acoustic version was one of the best songs of the night.
“Save Some Time to Dream” is such a great song off his new album, another crowd favorite.
“Longest Days” was a powerful song.  He told a story about his grandmother and how she inspired the story when she told him once that “life is short even in its longest days”.  Ain’t that the truth! 
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Easter Eve” was a story he was telling than a song.  It is from the new album and features a trifecta of sound; the violin, bass, the accordion.  Very Bob Dylan. 

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The violinist stole the show in my opinion, she was truly amazing!  Mellencamp is a fabulous storyteller and showman, both in his songs and on stage.  He finished the evening off strong with “Pink Houses” and “R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A”.  Complete with pulling a Courtney Cox look alike on stage.  Entertaining throw back to the 80’s.  

By far one of the best shows I have seen!


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