Food Entrepreneurs

Speaking of food entrepreneurs, a new restaurant is coming to our neighborhood and I am really looking forward to it’s opening.  Autre Monde is going to feature local, organic, and sustainable food.  The owners are local too, and I happen to know them and think they are pretty great.  They are so passionate about this project, it is hard to not be excited about it after talking to them.  Their ideas they have shared for items on the menu sound absolutely delicious.
Behind the restaurant they are working to build a greenhouse to help supply greens and such for the menu.  I am especially looking forward to see how they use the fresh grown herbs in the cocktails.  No doubt they will be incredible.  Good thing it is walking distance from my house.
They are working to fund the project via Kickstarter.  Kickstarter was one of the new sites I learned about when I read The Mesh.  Funny coincidence days after checking it out they announced their project was posted there, I love when that happens.  Kickstarter is a new social fund-raising site, also knows as “crowdfunding” for creative projects and the funds raised are all or nothing.  There are some really creative projects from beer to watchesa food truck, photography,  a pretty trippy art magazine, and even a movie all about pimento cheese.  I am actually shocked people have never heard of this spread!
The projects generally offer something to the contributor, a t-shirt, a photo, gift certificate.  The rewards get better the higher the pledge.  Autre Monde’s project, The Greenhouse Project, is offering cocktail recipes on up to a five course meal for four for pledges.  Their project is 75% funded with less than a week to meet their goal.  If a project doesn’t meet their goal in the given time frame, they don’t get any of the money.  I sure hope they get the last 25%, it is such a great project and will be a great addition to the restaurant, and the neighborhood.
Check out their project and Kickstarter, there are some really talented creative people out there doing some great stuff that is for sure!