Politics of Food

Not the mayoral race but the politics of feed in Chicago.  What does Chicago have against the food entrepreneurs, seriously?  The Health Department says it is a health issue and a licensing oversight.  Though I am willing to bet it is more about lining the right pockets.  No doubt the issue is complicated, but the fact that Chicago is one of the only major cities that does not encourage food trucks and that makes me think it is more about the state of “politics as usual” in Chicago.
Whatever the politics or economics, I am all for the food entrepreneurs.  From the looks of the lines at the food trucks I know I am not alone.  I mean a truck full of cupcakes that comes to me?  Sign me up!  Flirty Cupcakes are delicious and provide a fun field trip from the office.  Half the fun is in the hunt, where will they be today and can I get there.
I have been following a few of trucks on Twitter.  One of the first trucks on the street that caught my eye was Gaztro-Wagon.  They serve naan-wiches, their version of a flat bread sandwich, soup, chips, and desserts.  My husband and I have been trying to get lunch from their truck for sometime now and our schedules have just not aligned.  This week I finally set out on my own when I realized they would be near my work and I had not brought a lunch.
I went there with the intention to order the Lobster (lobster, butternut squash, leek, pear walnut pesto), but once I got there and saw the Anaheim Chili (Anaheim pepper, Chihuahua cheese, figs, leeks) option I was torn.  But if I learned anything from the salsa incident of 2010 it is to go with my gut.  Lobster it was, and it did not disappoint.
The lobster was full of chunks of lobster meat, the butternut squash was very sweet and creamy, the leeks had a good crunch.  I can’t say I tasted the pear walnut pesto but I am sure it was contributing like a background singer.  The plantains chips were great, being cut lengthwise they almost resembled bacon.
They serve lunch and dinner in a different spots across the city.  The weekly schedule is posted or you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or even sign up for text updates.  The menu varies day to day.
I hope to hit up the mobile meatball sandwiches soon.  Though I guess on the topics of politics I do wonder where the next Mayor of Chicago stands on this topic.


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