Green Theme

We’ve had a green theme going on this week, not so much on purpose but it works given St. Patrick’s Day.  The week started nicely with the long anticipated Shamrock Shake.

Shamrock Shake

The best green of all, the Shamrock Shake

Colcannon was a perfect side with lamb sausage and brown bread. It is essentially mashed potatoes with lightly sauteed cabbage and green onions mixed in.

greens for colcannon

Don’t these colors just scream Spring?

The four year-old has been asking for green eggs and ham for awhile now, finally got around to it.   I pureed some steamed spinach with garlic, chicken broth, Parmesan cheese, and some olive oil.  It turned out delicious, much better than green food dye.  I actually whipped the puree into a few eggs and made them led as scrambled eggs for the kids.

Green Eggs and Ham

Though we did bust out the green food dye to go with our Lucky Charms, a rare sugar breakfast treat.

Plenty of Shamrock Marshmallows

The green tomato jam I made at the end of the summer was a great topping for the leftover brown bread I made.  A good hearty snack.

Green Tomato Jam on Brown Bread

The week wouldn’t be complete without corned beef.  Home cured corned beef is green to me since I have never attempted it before.  Though, I got a late start with this project so we won’t be enjoying it until next week.  It is at home resting comfortably in a spice bath.

Since I have never actually had a green beer, this will do nicely for the occasion!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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