Cinco de Nada

Cinco de Mayo is not happening in our house this year.  This week’s schedule is crazy and the husband is out of town tonight.  I had already banked on tonight being leftover night.  Though I did make lentil tacos for taco Tuesday, I was hoping to have leftovers but we ate it all.  They were so flippin’ easy and delicious.  Next time I will double the recipe, I think the lentils would be especially perfect on nachos.

Dinner tonight will be a mishmash of what is on attempting to catch up on the CSA vegetables since we are getting more tonight.  Thought I wish I had this to look forward to…

Tex Mex Beef topped with Roasted Pineapple Salsa

Maybe a little guacamole on the side.  Followed by…

Margarita Cake of course!

I may just have to work on delayed celebration for Friday night.  At least I have a baking project to look forward to tonight.



  1. kT says:

    Dilemma! Molly can’t remember what she used for her beer margaritas the one time she made it. Of course, I go hmm I’ll just go to Jacky’s blog she’s gotta have margarita recipes there … Disappointed!

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