Casual Friday

Back in the day Friday nights meant happy hour with friends. This was before cell phones, text messages, Facebook, emails. We all knew where to go and when to be there. Progress my ass. I loved those simple casual outings. Even if it was just for an hour it marked the end of the week and was the best way to kick off the weekend.

These days, a Friday night at home with a home cooked meal is what I crave. Friends are still part of the equation.

Your body always seems to know when it is a Friday. It breathes a sigh of relief the week is behind you and wants to rest up for the fun two days ahead. It is the perfect combo of exhaustion and exhilaration. Casual and easy going are king. Pork Carnitas fit the bill. Whiz a few ingredients to make an tasty sauce, cover chopped pork shoulder with said sauce, cover with broth (homemade if you have it), and simmer for hours on end (on stove or in slow cooker).

Oh and if you have some leftover red wine on the counter, throw that in too. A few scoops of pineapple left from the cupcakes you baked for dessert? Throw it in too. Bring the pork to dry land and cover in foil until ready to eat.

pork carnitas

Wait, a step back to the beginning of the meal. A simple start of chips and salsa, the pork will be plenty filling.

Come mealtime, reheat the meat (uncovered) under broiler until heated. Serve with warmed tortillas, pickled jalapeno and red onion. Maybe a side of re-fried black beans and definitely radish salad.  But don’t forget to invite the avocado to the party like I did. It was sad to find them the next day all left out.

Cupcakes were the perfect intermission before the games began.

This evening it was dominoes.


  1. Biz says:

    Don’t you just love slow cooked pork? So good – and I even like your idea of adding in teh pineapple – mixed with the jalapenos – perfect balance!

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