In the Box — CSA Week 21 {Celery Salt}

Gosh, I didn’t really cook this week.  I have been eating leftovers from last week and from Sunday’s celebration.  Leftovers are easy enough to throw together when the husband is on the road.    The most cooking I did was throwing together a mish-mash of vegetables and potatoes from this week and last to make my spicy eggplant stir-fry.  Great recipe for leftovers and miscellaneous vegetables.

Sun Gold Tomatoes
Slicing Tomatoes
Specialty Tomatoes
Sweet Peppers
Mesclun Mix
Celery Leaf

I did make some celery salt too.  Well technically celery leaf salt I guess.  This was super easy to throw together, basically you just dry the leaves and mix with sea salt.  I bought some Maine sea salt on our trip this summer, it worked perfect.  Here is the actual recipe, complete with beautiful for the homemade celery salt.

celery salt
Celery salt is typically made from the ground celery seeds.  The recipe I used calls for the leaves of celery, but I used celery leaf.  Celery leaf is an herb as opposed to the leaves you pull off the celery stalks.  It worked for me as a substitute, it has the celery aroma and flavor.  It adds the same brightness to a dish that say parsley would.  The celery leaf can be used in place of parsley or cilantro.  Use it as a garnish or in  soups, or as a salad green, anyway that you would use other fresh herbs.

This celery salt would be a great way to rim a Bloody Mary or on a Chicago-Style Hot Dog.  Or just use to liven up your morning egg or grilled vegetables, any time you would finish a dish with salt.